About Us.

There are so many times when we’ve wanted to buy something only to find that it either costs more than we’re willing to pay, takes up more space than we can give up, or that we only really need it for a short time.

This led us to start Little Corners.

Over at Little Corners, we’re a community of artists, designers, photographers, and tech enthusiasts connected on an online platform where you can borrow the best gear based on your needs, as well lend your unused stuff to those that need it, for the time they need it, so we can all benefit together.

Founded on the following Principles.
Meet the Team.

Jawad Alshakhs

Anas AlNafisi

Yasser AlHamad

Meshary AlObaid

Yousif AlHamad

With Little Corners..

– Try out a preowned device and test it out before committing to buying it.

– Capitalize on your unused devices so you can upgrade to the latest model when the time is right.

– Experience the best technology without the high cost of buying it. 

– Go green by renting and sharing your device, and be a positive force for the environment.

– Give fellow artists, designers, and photographers an opportunity to produce their best work yet.